Registration Guide

1.Register a new account with your personal email.

Step1: Choose “Accept” with the Registration Agreement.

Step 2: Finish "Member register"

Step3: Activate your registration by clicking the linkage in the email you receive.

2.Log in the application system, and fill in your application information.
Step 1: Choose the Program you want to apply by selecting way of funding, student type and the major.

Note: When choosing the major, applicant can choose any one of the four items shown in the above picture and to find all the programs related.
e.g. Providing "self-sponsored" and "Undergraduate Student" are selected, when choosing "School of Mechanical Engineering", you will get all the Undergraduate programs offered by the School of Mechanical Engineering as below:

On the same premise, when choosing "English" as the teaching language, all the Undergraduate programs offered in English will be listed out:

3.Fill in personal information.

Note: After finishing each step, please press "Save and Next". In part 3 "Education&Employment", applicants are required to upload supporting application materials in softcopy. An example is shown below:

4.Submit the application.
In the last stage of filling personal information, applicant presses the button “submit” if he or she confirms all the information filled.

System will remind the applicant to confirm nothing will be revised as below:

If there is nothing to be changed, please press "Ok". Otherwise, please press "Cancel" and revise the information.

5.Finish the on-line application.

After submitting application, it will go to the page of Application status as below:

The admission office will receive, from the system, the information of a complete on-line application, and will start processing it within one week. Application status will be updated on the system as well as by email notice.